BBA Architects announces a new strategic alliance with Allison Henry Interiors

Ed Twohey on Dec 01, 2020

Allison Henry has long been a go to resource for incidental sourcing, and has been a valued collaborator on dozens of BBA projects over the years. BBA clients will now have full access to her material selection and procurement services, seamlessly integrated into the full menu of professional services offered by BBA Architects. One thing that is not changing however, is that we will always welcome our clients to bring outside interiors consultants to be a part of the design team. For clients that are not ready to make a commitment to an outside firm however, we now offer furnishings, wall coverings, and window treatments on al a-la-carte basis, or as part of a full interior design contract. Bba has long offered color palate, finished surface and fixture selections as part of our Architectural Interiors, we now have the ability to add Allison’s talent to provide an in-house, fully integrated interior design. How does this work? During any phase of our design services, you can add Interiors Consultation as an additional service. We will propose a goal and budget, which will be billed hourly, internal to bba Architects, while you are working with Allison Henry. Our hope is that this provides a way for our clients to have a better final result with a lower commitment.