Many clients can be overwhelmed by the number of decisions that need to be made to complete a home interior. We strive to make the process predictable, as to allow for a thoughtful design. We work with you and your team for the best design result in a capacity that you feel comfortable.

Often concurrent with the Contract Documents Phase, presented at a series of planned meetings, BBA Architects prepare drawings and material samples to describe the finish character of the home. This service typically includes drawing all interior elevations. Cabinetry, interior trim, tile patterning, flooring and decorative lighting selections can all be incorporated in this phase, which can be tailored to each client’s design needs. This is also when the kitchen and bath spaces really start to sing. By request, our team can also help shop for plumbing fixtures, decorative hardware, stone slabs, or appliances.   

We provide a full finish material specification for items that we select for the client, or items selected by others, including an outside interior designer. These are documented in a seamless set of documents, and provide a complete map for your contractor.