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BBA Architects and Joyelle Soucier on May 09, 2023

While BBA Architects is known for creating elite and inspiring residential designs that are as functional as they are beautiful, we recognize our success is due in no small part to the expertise of the providers with whom we collaborate for unique solutions and furnishing the highest quality materials used in our designs. They are proficient and skilled in their fields and have extensive knowledge of the latest materials and products trending in luxury living. We asked a few of these providers to highlight some trends they’re seeing specifically in luxury kitchen designs, showcasing how invaluable their contributions are to helping us design your stunning and functional custom kitchen space.

STEPHEN WEINER: Abt Appliances & Electronics

Stephen Weiner of Abt Electronics, Inc., says, “The single, highest growth appliance trending now is the convection steam oven, also known as the combi oven. Although this type of oven has been present in the commercial restaurant industry for a while, it has more recently gained significant popularity in luxury home kitchens.” The combi oven’s unique blend of oven heat and high humidity offers additional baking and slow roasting capabilities, permits sous vide cooking, reduces cooking time, and due to its superior rotating capabilities, eliminates the need for a microwave oven. 

According to Stephen, while stainless steel is still the dominant finish for appliances in most households, luxury kitchen designs can incorporate a wider range of finish colors. Premium brands such as La Cornue and Blue Star carry lines of saturated colors and metallic finishes for those wanting to make a statement with their appliances. Additionally, Stephen expressed his anticipation for the release of the new Sub-Zero refrigeration line, recognizing the brand’s exceptional reputation in high-end refrigeration and features.

BBA Architects often sends clients to Abt Appliances, not only for the expert advice they get from Stephen, but also to see examples installed in well-designed kitchen vignettes, which gives the client a better feel for how their appliance choices will integrate into their BBA-designed kitchen.


In the tile industry, “We’re seeing that clients are interested in creating distinct textures through the application of many different materials,” says Nicki Rosenthal, from The Fine Line Tile.  “Whether it’s ceramic, concrete tile, tumbled natural stone mosaics, or mixing finishes with natural stone to provide the illusion of texture, our clients are envisioning their spaces with textures in multiple ways in their tile designs.” Nicki also shared that tile styles tend to be cyclical, and presently, patterned, decorative geometrics are popular. She suggests that, while neutral colors are still the primary choice for most customers, bold looks can be achieved and enriched by the variety of products available and where they are placed in a design. Nicki reminds us that, “The kitchen can be the jewel box of the home, telling a story through unique, custom, inspiring, and playful tile features in a backsplash or flooring.”

Often, BBA Architects will ask The Fine Line to provide samples that correlate with the client’s design preferences. The samples are then reviewed in client design meetings, and sometimes at the tile showroom, where Nicki can pull just the right combination, exceeding all expectations.


JOHN DURBIN: Exclusive Woodworking 

Brothers, John and Doug Durbin, of Exclusive Woodworking and nuHaus, are seeing growing trends in multi-level culinary workstations. “These custom-designed workstations are becoming an essential element in modern luxury kitchens that seamlessly integrate food preparation with entertainment spaces,” says Doug, “and they transform what some might consider an average sink into an exquisite culinary experience.” They explain that by inserting multiple levels of cutting boards, drying racks, condiment dishes, mixing bowls, and colanders, the sink workstation facilitates food preparation, serving, and cleanup in one convenient location freeing up counter space for entertaining. John adds, “We’ve designed the workstation base and surrounding furniture with the home chef in mind, providing ample storage for nesting and easy access to any dream culinary tools, elevating the entire experience.”
Doug also highlights the growing popularity of using mixed materials in kitchen cabinetry. "We are designing and manufacturing architectural millwork and custom cabinetry using the finest wood, metal, and specialty glasses." John’s team of seasoned craftsmen has perfected a process of spraying cabinets with mixed alloyed metals, resulting in custom millwork that boasts a sophisticated style, mimicking bronze, champagne, textured, and black steel finishes. This process and new look are becoming a hallmark of next-level cabinetry design.

BBA Architects’ designs often include highly custom features such as vertical storage drawers, concealed appliance garages or device charging stations, hide-away coffee stations, and even flush embrasure doors (we call them “BBA doors”) that require a complete focus on detail and precision. From concept to installation, Exclusive Woodworking handles these challenging elements with ease, and together we create 100% unique kitchen spaces for our clients.


EJ SILVER: Studio 41 Plumbing Fixtures & Hardware

“Automation is the new trend in fixtures, with touchless features and smart technologies being integrated into kitchen collections,” says EJ Silver of Studio 41. “Voice or sensor-activated options allow for hygienic, hands-free operations with increased efficiency and speed, like faucets and pot fillers that are activated with a wave of the hand.” EJ adds that while homeowners are looking for minimalist, streamlined kitchens, matte black quartz sinks are also trending for a sleek, eye-catching accent.

“In kitchen hardware, we’re seeing a lot of luxury homeowners investing in quality mixed metals, saturated, and matte black finishes,” says EJ. He adds that “To some, it may seem like a minor detail, but hardware can make a significant impression that makes guests take notice.” 

When working with Studio 41, BBA Architects relies on EJ and his team to offer clients excellent guidance and to make the best product recommendations to enhance their upscale kitchen requirements.
We hold our providers in high regard for their invaluable contributions toward elevating the aesthetic quality of our design projects. From top-of-the-line appliances to exquisite tile work, fine millwork and cabinetry, premium fixtures, hardware, and so much more, our providers consistently exceed expectations and deliver exceptional products and services. Our collaborations guarantee that your luxury kitchen is not only a functional space but a true work of art that showcases unparalleled design and craftsmanship. 

View more BBA-designed kitchens through #BBAKitchens on Instagram.