International Collaboration Brings Our New Home in Berlin, Germany to Fruition.

Gary Beyerl on Dec 06, 2019

We are excited to see our project in Berlin, Germany  moving closer to completion. The attention to detail is fantastic and the distance does not seem to be an issue to achieve a high level of finesse. Our client frequently sends us photographs of work as it is progressing to review the details and decisions.

We recently reviewed the fabrication of brick arches, the layout of the special brick pattern (English bond with Dutch corners), installation of the stone details at the windows, and paint colors for the gutters and downspouts. All are completed with photographs, emails, and texts. We have figured out that the 7 hour time difference means that we usually communicate early in the morning regarding work already completed, or later in the evening if we want to make a decision regarding work scheduled for the next morning. The photos, shop drawings of the stone and sample mock ups give us a virtual presence on the project site. The universal language of math and the graphic imagery have allowed us to communicate on this project in over 4 different languages!

The home in Berlin is an international collaboration:
    •    Brick from the Netherlands
    •    Slate roof from England
    •    Windows from Poland
    •    Limestone from Ukraine
    •    American Architect
    •    Russian Interior Designer

Our client, who took some inspiration from our English City House in Chicago, is a great communicator and understands the value of our continued effort. Below is a note received with his latest question regarding the chimney on the house.

"Thank you for a nice house, it would not be possible for me to build it without you."
 Mit freundlichen Grüssen