Erica Blawat on Apr 05, 2021

Creating Outdoor Spaces

With Springtime here, enjoying the outdoors comes to mind.  From a small courtyard or rooftop deck in the city, to a traditional open suburban yard, to a generous property located on a golf course or lakefront, BBA’s cohesive home design process also considers the connections between thoughtfully designed interiors and the surrounding outdoor spaces. 

Framing key views, utilizing natural light, and establishing both visual and physical connections to the exterior, are just some of the ways we embrace the outdoors through home design. Each outdoor space we design is unique, just like our client’s custom homes. 

Successful landscaping not only improves the curb appeal for a home, but it can elevate the exterior design. Landscape design can ground the home, add depth, color and texture. It can also define pathways, outdoor gathering spaces, and provide shade and shelter.  

While addressing both homeowner goals, wish lists, and unique site conditions, a well-designed outdoor space can accommodate dining or gathering areas, play yards or sports courts, flower and vegetable gardens, and much more.  

Creating the right scale and connection to the home can make the difference between a yard that merely meets the basic functional requirements and an outdoor space that is an extension of the interior, improving and enhancing both the interior and exterior of the home. 

To get inspired, see our list of landscape collaborators here. 

Projects with great landscape:

 Rooftop deck, Golf course, Lakefront, English Estate. Rooftop Drone Video