Urban Deep Dig #1

bba ARCHITECTS on Oct 09, 2019

A space challenged 1980s Chicago townhouse without a basement and a covered back-yard pool, restricts the available construction area for an addition. The most viable option for additional space was to create a deep basement under the garage for a work out room.  

Adding this recreational space comes with unique construction requirements. Challenges include the low bearing capacity of the soil at a  depth of 12 feet, the proximity of neighboring structures, low power lines which run along the property line at the alley, and the requirement to support vehicles parked on the new garage slab. 

The underground recreational space and garage will be topped with a landscaped roof deck with direct access to the renovated skylit pool.

Steel shoring, liquid applied waterproofing, a matt foundation slab, drainage system, and dead-pour foundation side walls were necessary on a constricted site with an excavation below the water table.. 

SEE THE VIDEO, #1 in a series on this unique project. 

Architects: Gary Beyerl, AIA., Tim Kress AIA, Jack Callahan, and Michelle Galiano,  (bba Architects)
General Contractor: Bigane Construction
Structural Engineer: Hutter Trankina Engineering

BBA design leader Gary Beyerl and fellow principal Tim Kress designed the scheme, and worked with Hutter Trankina Engineering and Bigane Construction to orchestrate this dance of steel and concrete.