Jennifer Kruse


Jennifer joined BBA in 2020. She received a bachelors in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. She attended the E’cole de Architecture in Versailles, France her junior year. Graduation brought work at a local Champaign firm specializing in a wide range of projects: new primary schools, secondary additions, university renovation, plus church, bank & office projects. Continuing the theme of working for a small firm, she was involved of all aspects of the process.

An attraction to the natural world was always a destination increasing along with time  This was ramped up with the addition of (3) children, soon hiking, kayaking & camping throughout the Midwest & Southeast. Cross country skiing was added to the winter months. These pursuits were extended to the Girl Scout troop she led for her oldest daughter, Rose. A return to the Chicago area in 2005 brought work focusing on architecture, then fabrication of countertops, tilework & interior renovation. BBA architects offers a unique return to her roots in residential Chicago architecture while incorporating new skills in finishes + interiors.